About Kelli

A little history…Kelli Goldin, Pinterest Marketer, Pinterest Virtual Assistant + More, in her office

Helping businesses grow has always been a passion of mine. For 18 years, I had a career working with small to medium-sized businesses, mostly with marketing and advertising for newspapers and magazines. It was often a struggle for them to create a budget to spend on the services they knew they needed to expand their customer base. At the time, online marketing was in the early stages of becoming mainstream. The only real choices to make an impact in the marketplace were expensive traditional marketing venues.


Big changes…

Fast forward quite a few years. I’ve stayed home to raise my three children, and after easing back into the workplace, I realized I still wanted to be home to be there for my family. (One son has left the nest, and I have two – son and daughter – that are in their early teens.) Not only that, there were so many viable ways to market a business available! I knew I wanted work-at-home freedom, there were a lot more possibilities open, and it was time to pump up my paycheck.

And now, here we are! Times have changed, and the marketplace has made a big shift. I’m putting my past experience and expertise, along with all the new skills I’ve learned into my services (I jump at the chance to learn new things) to help small to medium-sized businesses grow. The playing field has been leveled with online marketing, and I it!

Pinning for the win!

I chose Pinterest as my focus platform because it’s so effective for marketing. I’ve been a fan ever since they started, and they just keep getting better. I love how good Pins can tell a lot about a business, service, or product. And since their organic reach is so good, and even better with Promoted Pins, everyone from the “solopreneur” on up can make a big impact there.


More about Kelli

I am passionate about personal and professional development. Not only do I blog about it (part-time), but I am a featured speaker at workshops and business start-up events.

STING online marketing screen shot at KSTI

My daughter and I enjoy getting creative with crafting, painting, or drawing. Even though she doesn’t share my love of knitting, we crochet together so she can create many stuffed animals and I can make pretty house slippers and re-usable shopping bags. (More fun than it sounds!)

Fun times with my sons are usually in some form of gaming. Strategy is our favorite in video and board games, and hitting the arcade together is a favorite past-time.

Together, we all love camping, fishing, and hiking. When we’re at home in upstate NY, cooking and baking is a regular favorite, as well as watching movies together while we hang out with our two cats, Tucker and Percy.