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    Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine that engages users like no other social platform. With over 250 million users and half of them in the US, Pinterest is a valuable online tool to get your business found and featured. Even though online marketing has become an essential tool and Pinterest shows that it is a strong contender for connecting with consumers online, even when they’re shopping locally. source

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    • 30% of all social media users use Pinterest.
    • 40% of Pinterest users report discovering new brands and/or products there. source
    • 50% of Pinterest users have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin. source
    • 1 out of 2 Millenials uses Pinterest every month and just as much as Instagram. source
    • 50% of Pinterest users earn over $50K, with 40% of those earning $100K, and 10% with a household income over $125K source
    • 72% of Pinterest users report looking at saved pins while shopping at brick & mortar stores. source
    • 81% of users are women, but 40% of new users are male. source
    • 87% of Pinterest users report making a purchase because of Pinterest. source
    • 93% report using Pinterest to plan purchases. source
    • 98% of Pinterest users report trying new things they find on Pinterest. source


    Bloggers, creatives and service providers should take notice, as well. Pinterest users aren’t just shopping, but looking to educate, improve, style, entertain and feed themselves and their families.

    With all this power to influence your business available, the question is, are you taking full advantage of it?

    This is where I come in. Whether you’re new to Pinterest or want help with your current Pinterest marketing, I have custom services to help your business get the most out of it – brand awareness, subscribers, opt-ins, and website traffic.

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