Close up of woman smiling with text overlay - The best project you'll ever work on is YOU.


The best project you’ll ever work on is you.

Do you treat yourself as your best project, such as…

  • Invest in yourself with your time, energy, focus?
  • Make actual financial investments in yourself, such as a personal fitness coach, an empowerment coach, or a financial advisor?
  • Read anything lately or attended a workshop to broaden your mind?
  • Choose to travel?
  • Or even make an update to your wardrobe?



How to do it

There are many ways that you can be your own project. Choose a big project and work on it throughout the year, or (more likely to get done) choose a smaller one to achieve every quarter. Or even better, something to tackle every month.

To give you examples and maybe some inspiration, here’s my personal projects:

  1. MonthlyAttend local networking meetings. As a solopreneur who works at home, isolation is a real thing, even with social media. It’s already created new connections, client leads, and support for me and my contribution to the groups has been appreciated since I offer those to others, too.
  2. Quarterly – Read a new book about personal &/or business development. I realize that four books a year is a little thin, but I only read two last year, so there’s improvement. Since I’m still very actively growing my businesses, my time is limited. But, I’m committed to expand my thinking, so four will be my minimum. (Note: I didn’t mean that I will only read four books this year. HA! I was referring to personal or business development. Thanks to those that were concerned and surprised.)
  3. Yearly – Weight loss AND fitness. This isn’t much of a surprise I think, since about 83% of Americans (I made up that number, but I bet it’s close) say they want to get fitter and thinner. My weight struggle is due to a couple of autoimmune issues, and lately, to a knee injury I had 6 months ago that still bothers me. It’s imperative that build up my strength and I lose the extra I put on plus more. I’m really tired of the knee pain. And I have a milestone birthday coming up. (Plenty of motivation, in other words.)

OK! It’s your turn. What are you doing to make yourself your best project? Accountability is key, so make it official and tell me in writing in the comments below.


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