This is the second post in a Personal Development Series. This article gives valuable tips to set yourself up to be successful in business, in achieving personal goals… really in anything you want to pursue.


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Personal development is about taking time to make changes in ourselves or our lives. It’s an investment of time, energy, thought, emotions and intentions to improve ourselves and our lives

Sometimes we want to be successful with something so badly, but get stuck in the early stages. There are times when we work hard but need some help. And how do we know that we’ve done something successfully? 


Here’s 10 life hacks to help set yourself up for success and you can start today!


Establish your goals.

First, make your goals reasonable. Like planning to run a marathon in a year rather than in 3 months when you’ve never run more than a mile.

Secondly, make them measurable. If you’re trying to lose weight, you have a number in mind. A blogger will look for pageviews or subscribers. A sales rep keeps track of new accounts.

Lastly, goals should be very specific. Break your big goals down into the essentials. I like to think of breadcrumbs leading me along the way to success. There are systems, apps and programs to help you do that if you don’t know where to start. (Trello is a new-to-me program I’m trying out.)




Commit to your success.

If you’re going to take on something, it’s going to mean you’re 100% behind it. This is not the time to be wishy-washy. Save yourself the time and heartache. Write down what you want to accomplish. Plan it out. Make it as detailed as you possibly can to see the way clearly. BUT, don’t get stuck in “analysis paralysis”. Write it down and edit it later if things change.


Establish your “why”.

I’ve heard this so many times over the years and it’s such solid advice. There will be rough patches and pitfalls, bad days and setbacks, and when the going gets tough, recentering your focus is so helpful. Remembering your “why” will give you the strength and resolve to keep on.


Do some solid networking.

Whether you’re looking for success for personal or business reasons, a strong network will help set you up with anything from good advice to resources to mentoring. Surround yourself with people who have already had the success that you’re working towards. 

Check out Facebook groups that have members that can help you and that you can help. For offline/local networking, check out Eventbrite for meetups, workshops and events.


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Get a support network established.

Whether you need a walking buddy to make sure you show up everyday, or a partner to take on more of the chores to free up more time to work, having someone (or several people) to step in from time to time is going to helpful. It’s OK to ask for assistance, especially when other things are demanding your attention.


Continue your education.

Read blogs, books, articles or papers to keep up on the latest in your interest or field of work. Learn a new skill to give more value to what you’re going now. Forecast or even get ahead of new trends to position yourself as an expert.


Maintain your health.

There’s nothing more distracting than health issues. Don’t derail your progress by something you mostly have in your control. Make better choices in your exercise, eating and sleeping habits. 


Keep a positive attitude.

Visualizing your success is a powerful way to achieve it. What will your life look like when you have success? What will change? Fleshing out as many details as you can when you envision it will make it more real and attainable. (I’m a big believer in positive thinking and what it can do for you.)


Quiet your fears.

Of course, there will be days when things go wrong. There will be setbacks. Some things will be in your control and a few might not be. Letting your fears of failure sneak in won’t do you any favors. This is not the time for “hope for the best and expect the worst”. Keep in mind that mistakes or misfortunes are great ways of learning things and can make us stronger. Keep your focus on moving ahead and don’t get bogged down by “what-ifs”.


Celebrate your success!

As I said before, your success is going to get accomplished in stages. Each stage will probably be broken down into smaller ones. Take the time to recognize your little accomplishments. Get excited about your progress. You’re on your path to success!


Hack your life today. Create more success quicker and easier. Smash those goals!

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