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I’ve always tried to make sure that I have a good start to my week by going over the appointments, deadlines, and events that I have planned. But I find that I really need to “get my head in the game,” as well. I need a theme. A mantra. An inspiration. Something that I can lean on when things get hectic, come up unexpectedly, or just get to be a little overwhelming. (You know just what I mean, don’t ya?)

I know I’m not the only one to do this (I’ve probably had this recommended to me by up to 10 people over the years), but just in case you need reminded, or haven’t taken the time to get your mind straight before going headlong into another week, or just haven’t had the people around you give you this good advice, here’s what I’m focusing on this week:


It’s a funny word, drive. Both a verb and a noun. It’s also a great visual, because inevitably you think of forward motion. Of course, that’s the way we want our professions to go – forward. Accomplishing things (like finally getting over myself and getting a second blog post done, with 3 more in the works – go me!), putting check marks on the to-do lists, and most importantly, feeling like you’ve had a good week’s work.

Passion is one of my favorite words. I envision so much emotion welling up inside – much more than might be showing on the outside. The word drive is two things, and passion is, too. It’s emotional feelings paired with physical feelings. And the two together? Wow. Really WOW!

So that’s what I’m taking into this week. I’m feeling really powerful. Words are powerful, and knowing what they mean to you just activates it and fuels you up. And I’ll have it if (when) I need it this week!

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So, now I’d like to hear from you! What do you do to get ready for your week? What’s your favorite quote (and why)? What’s some good advice you can give us all to keep us moving forward without distraction from the crazy that finds us during the week? Leave a comment below!


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