Celebrate ALL Your Victories

These are the very first little pickles-to-be I have grown myself. Now, I don’t have a big garden, although I hope to one day. I’m starting small with a few containers. Lots of people have very big gardens and grow huge quantities of vegetables. I see lots of flowers budding so I’ll probably have quite a few cucumbers in my future, but I’m very proud of these two. They’re my first harvest. Just because my first two don’t compare to what others may have, or even what I’m expecting to have in the future for myself, it doesn’t mean that these little guys aren’t valued.


Recognizing accomplishments by others and by ourselves can often be challenging, especially when looking for the BIG ones that we are expecting to come. But don’t let those little ones get away, because they are so often the building blocks to the big ones. They deserve to be celebrated and recognized. When starting a new business (or new anything), take the time to give attention to with what and where you’re starting out and celebrate.

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