Listen to the Coach

Girls softball team with coachSo, let’s say you’re on a sports team. You have teammates, rules, equipment and a coach. You may have not have ever been on a sports team before, or maybe you have, but not ever played this particular one.

What if you tried to go out and play if you didn’t bother learning the rules, didn’t have all the equipment, ignored your teammates and didn’t listen to the coach? Doing it your own way might mean you’re doing something, but you wouldn’t be doing it correctly. Chances are you wouldn’t be very successful.

Starting anything for the first time means there are obligations (and opportunities) to learn something new, especially in home businesses. There are people who have experience that are willing to help you along the way. By taking advantage of the experienced coaching (which should be in place), you’ll not only be making it easier on yourself, but you’ll have a much higher success rate.



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