Embrace the Journey

PA rest stop kelligoldin

My family and I were looking forward to a fun day at an amusement park. We took a back way to get there that avoided most of the big highways this time. Even though it took a few more minutes, we enjoyed it so much. Along the way, we found the “Prettiest Rest Stop”, as we now call it. Lushly green and cool, and with a small creek running in the back, we decided it could be a destination itself, rather than just a stopping point along our way. Our journey to something bigger was made sweeter by enjoying this oasis for a little while. Embrace the journey.

“I’ll be happy when…” should never be in anyone’s vocabulary. You deserve happiness right now.

“I’ll feel I’m successful when…” means you are neglecting celebrating the small successes, when they are the foundation for an ultimate goal.

It’s not possible to get anywhere in life without embarking on a journey. To not enjoy yourself along the way misses the point entirely, just like you can’t read the last page of a book or see the last few minutes of a play or movie and understand the story. Everything builds up to the final scene. There are triumphs and setbacks, and along the way we see growth and development. Not paying attention to the small things or rushing through your day is cheating yourself out of recognizing how each of the small events impacts the whole.

Watch out for the little gems, enjoy and give the process the attention is deserves, and embrace the journey.

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