This Monster Will Slowly Kill You

Envy. When someone else’s blessings mean more to you than your own.

blog envy eyesWe’re talking about more than healthy competition here. And it’s something that I’m guilty of, although I didn’t know it for a long time. Whenever we compare our lives, our bodies, our success, our wealth, our anything, to others and wish ours away for theirs, we’re slowly killing ourselves. Usually it’s our spirit that suffers, but done long enough and with enough intensity, it could really degrade your health.

Being envious doesn’t necessarily mean wishing another person ill, although it could. Instead, I  think it comes out more as shunning or resenting our own when compared to another’s. I mentioned that I’m guilty of it. It’s true and I’m very thankful that I’ve [insert: grown up, matured, progressed, become enlightened -?] enough to realize it. Now, I wasn’t suffering from ulcers or panic attacks, but my psyche was hurting. I was robbing myself of enjoying my own life because I was too focused on how someone else did better in business, or had an easier time losing weight, or seemed to be more organized than me. Honestly, it got out of control (everything was up for comparison) after a while because it became a pattern of thinking. I thought of myself as a very positive person, and most people would tell you that was the case, but inside I was envious.

The cure? In short, it would be an “Attitude of Gratitude”. Being thankful. Taking the time to look at what you have and appreciating it’s part in your life. If it’s not as good as you’d like, make it better. Make it your own. Whatever you have in your life, according to the Law of Attraction, is there because you have brought it there. Your life is a product of your actions and thoughts. So as my Southern friends would say, “No stinkin’ thinkin’!”

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