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There is a way to…

have more time to focus on & build your business;

spend less time on marketing & strategies;

  and still get targeted traffic to your website.


Don’t let valuable traffic pass by your business, month after month.


Kelli Goldin - Pinterest Marketing Manager + More

I’m Kelli, a Pinterest Marketing Manager (and so much more), living in Upstate NY. Like you, I’m loving working in my own business. It’s got the flexibility and freedom I want, but I know all about the responsibilities and time management that goes into it, as well.

I help women-led small businesses, busy bloggers, and coaches of all kinds market their content, products and services online to maximize their website traffic and branding influence. Good-bye hassles!


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If you don’t already know, Pinterest is HOT and getting hotter. 

I’m here to support your business with strategic Pinterest marketing and management, online brand awareness, and website traffic and take something BIG off your to-do list.

  • Build your Pinterest presence from the ground up.
  • Grow the Pinterest presence you’ve already started.
  • Take the maintenance of your established Pinterest account off your plate.



I can also: 

  • Bring all your marketing together with consistent branding on all platforms.
  • Design eye-catching, Pinterest-worthy images that attract your market to your website.
  • Research and join niche group boards and tribes to get your content in front of more of the right eyes, faster!


By working with me, you will have less to do with marketing, but see more impact from it with:

  • A larger following,

  • More traffic from your targeted audience,

  • And more monetization over time.


You’ve got a great business going…

Let’s take it to the next level!